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Just so everyone knows, the championship bundle was released today!

It contains new stances, gametype, armor, maps, weapon skins, and mods for your spartan!

If you don’t want some of what the bundle includes or don’t want to spend the 10 dollars, 343 has released addition dlc.

The Bullseye pack contains the new ricochet game type, a remake of the pit from halo 3 and a new map called vertigo. It also includes a football style set of armor for your spartan.

The Infinity Armor pack contains the Mjolnir MK V armor from Halo:CE, Odst armor, and the all new forerunner prefect armor.

Finally, the Steel Skin pack contains steam punk style skins for your weapon kits.

The Champions Bundle has been unveiled!

It includes:

- A remake of the Halo 3 map “The Pit”

- A brand new map that plays best with Extraction called Vertigo

- New weapon skins

- A new gametype

- New armor permutations for your Spartan to wear

The Champions Bundle will be released August 20th 2013 for 800 Microsoft Points.

///Intel:Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher [Needler]///

One of the most terrifying Covenant infantry weapons used by Covenant forces, the Needler has a long service history. Used by the Covenant since before the start of the Human-Covenant War, the Needler is believed to originate from the Kig-Yar as they used cutlasses made from the weapon’s unique ammunition.

What makes the Needler so fearsome is it is a multifaceted and complex weapon. The ammunition it fires resemble crystal shards and are somehow capable of tracking a target. The rounds then imbed themselves   into the target’s flesh and after a few seconds, they detonate. With enough rounds in the target, the shards will detonate to form a super combine, which the enemy has very little chance of surviving.  

With a high firing rate of 510 rounds per minute, the Needler is an excellent mid range weapon. It is recommended that the Needler is used in an enclosed location, giving the razor-like projectiles a better opportunity to track. 


The M739 LMG more commonly called the SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) is a weapon recently fielded by the UNSC. Manufactured and designed by the renowned Mars based Misriah Armory, it is mainly used as a support weapon in lengthy combat engagements and is highly effective at suppressive fire.

Gas operated and fully automatic, the SAW has a firing rate of between 850-900 rounds per minute and is the one of the few drum fed weapons in the UNSC’s arsenal. With 72 rounds and the fully automatic firing rate, the SAW resembles a more powerful version of the MA5D assault rifle and is able to kill a fully shielded Spartan in about half the time. It is recommended that Spartans fire in short bursts when at range. However, at close to medium range free to unleash the full fury of the SAW.



Many of the UNSC’s advancements can trace their roots to technology recovered from the Covenant or the Forerunners. The Mjolnir variant known as Stalker, can count itself among the former. 

While all of the Jiralhanae are terrifying on the battlefield, the Brute warriors known as Stalkers were among the most dreaded. Capable of cloaking themselves, hunting their quarry, and waiting for the just the right moment to strike; they were fearsome opponents.

The Naphtali Contractor Corporation [NCC] recognized the potential of the Brute Stalker technology recovered after the war ended, and set to work on an armor design the would aid Spartans in tracking important targets. Even off world if necessary.

Thanks to the intel from the Brute Stalker kits, the Stalker variant possesses an impressive array of hunter-tracker which are considered top of the line. A hold over from the original Jiralhanae design is the almost box like shape of the helmet, and the bulky chest plate. NCC however, saw fit to modify the pauldrons, making them large enough to better cover the shoulder and upper arm. These armor designs make the Stalker armor excellent at engaging enemies in close quarters combat and is intentional on the part of the designers. The Stalker armor is primarily engineered to stalk targets at such a close range, that many traditional hunter-trackers would be unnerved.

 The Stalker variant was famously used by Delta Six Division operatives alongside the Ranger and Wetwork variants to great effect during the raids on Talitsa. The Spartans trackers that donned this armor were invaluable in both locating rebel leaders and eliminating them.

The STALKER specialization is available for requisition upon reaching a Spartan Rating of 50. Upon completing the STALKER training, Spartans are issued a modification to enhance their armor should they choose to equip it.

NEMESIS MOD: A specialized variant of a classified tracking system suite used only in training, the Nemesis mod allowed Spartans to track the last enemy that “killed” them.


Don’t Forget Mini Slayer Next Week!

Mini Slayer is twist on the standard Slayer game type and will be available in the Action Sack playlist.

In Mini Slayer:

  • All Spartans are mini (duh)
  • All Spartans have the mobility tactical package.
  • All Spartans spawn with the Assault Rifle as their default starting weapon.
  • Killcams and melee attacks are disabled.

You can read more information about next week’s matchmaking updates on Halo Waypoint’s blog.

Took this clip earlier today while playing Halo 4. I do end up getting two triple kills relatively close together. Yeah, I had rockets -_- but the reason I saved the clip was because I completely dodged that last guy and stuck him for the second triple kill.

Thanks to my friend Dante for recording the video for me with his capture card.

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