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In order to both promote Halo 4’s imminent release (less than a month!), Halo Archives will be putting out articles once a week throughout October.

In addition, there will be a contest for 1200 Microsoft points, beginning today, Sunday September 30th to November 2. To those who choose to enter the contest: submit either an illustration of what they want their Spartan to look like, OR a short paragraph of why they are the biggest Halo fan.

There is no preference for submissions, but please be advised that unless otherwise requested, Halo Archives will be posting these submissions.

The rules for the contest are as follows:

1. If submitting an image: no sexual content! It MUST be created by YOU, any stolen artwork will be disqualified. You may use any medium you desire.

2. If submitting a paragraph: please try to be as coherent as possible, and no profanity. Unfortunately, we can only accept submissions in English, but if you’re a non-native speaker please say so in your submission.

3. All submissions must be submitted to by November 2 2012!

That’s about it! Pretty easy right? Just imagine, you could potentially be getting the Halo 4 Season Pass for free or spend it on that XBLA game you’ve had your eye on if you win!

The winner will be chosen on Sunday, November 4, 2012 and will be emailed the code for the Microsoft Points that same day.

(This contest is not in anyway affiliated with 343 Industries or Microsoft)

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