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The Covenant tank sized walker commonly called the Locust, was a rare sight as the Human-Covenant War dragged on. A repurposed mining platform, the Locust proved effective at causing damage to UNSC fire bases; but remained rather less so when it came to combating large numbers of infantry.

Around the size of a UNSC Scorpion tank, the Locust was generally used to dismantle UNSC structures if an orbital glassing was not possible. Utilizing a beam weapon similar, albeit far less power than the one wielded by its larger relative the Scarab, the Locust was adept at carving through terrain to unearth Forerunner artifacts. To bolster their number of ground vehicles, the Covenant military leadership authorized the repurposing of the Locust from an excavator to a combat vehicle. Equipping the Locust with energy shields not only boosted the walker’s defensive capabilities, but allowed for more power to the energy cannon at the cost of the shielding.

Despite these upgrades, use of the Locust in a combat role eventually diminished. In part due to the already limited number of the craft, and their relative inability to inflict large numbers of casualties when compared to the Ghost or Wraith.

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