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I think most of us can agree that overall, Halo 4 is a fun game; but is not without its flaws or disappointments. There are many things 343 did right, but also many they did wrong. The removal of certain game types that have been present since Halo 2 being one of my primary concerns, but the campaign did feel much more intense at points than in previous games. What this post is however, is not a rant about the game but a wishlist. 

I’d like everyone of Halo Archives’ followers to add one thing 343 Industries should add to the the upcoming Halo 5, tweak existing features, or remove from the series. Please be clear, and give a reason for your decision. I’d like to post this to 343’s forums at the end of the week, just to show them what a few of the fans would like.

For example:

  • I’d like more armor helmets with visors because it makes more sense than a camera because the camera can be disabled with an EMP.


  • Remove random ordnance drops because they can turn a match completely one sided. One team in the span of a few minutes can obtain a Binary Rifle, Incineration Cannon, and a Spartan Laser based on sheer random luck, while my team is getting only Needlers and Speed Boosts despite that our score is half of the other team’s.

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